For Future Generations

In this section we’ll tell you all about the invertebrates you’ll find here on Bradgers Hill. We’re adding details of all the invertebrates over time, so please bear with us while this list grows and grows! Just click on an invertebrate name below to find out more information.

Bradgers Hill - Invertebrates

Flora & Fauna

Elephant Hawk Moth

Elephant hawk-moth (Deilephila elpenor)

Essex skipper Butterfly

Essex skipper Butterfly (Thymelicus lineola)

Meadow Brown Butterfly

Meadow Brown Butterfly (Maniola jurtina)

Red Headed Cardinal Beetle (Pyrochroa serraticornis)

Rosemary Beetle

Rosemary Beetle (Chrysolina americana)

Speckled Wood Butterfly

Speckled Wood Butterfly (Pararge aegeria)