Bradgers Hill, Luton.
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Orchids on Bradgers Hill.

A look at the diverse flora, especially orchids, of the varied habitats on Bradgers Hill

Orchid Walk & Talk 2016

Well, if you ever wanted to know anything about Orchids, our “Orchid Walk” on Wednesday 22nd June 2016 was the thing for you!

Bradgers Hill is home to a whole host of diverse flora and several orchid species and our walk, led by Bradgers Hill expert Trevor Tween, set out at 19:30 from the community centre on Hancock Drive, Luton to look at these and it’s varied habitats.

The weather was dry overcast and nothing like the glorious sunshine we had the day before. However, a bit of grey sky never held our members back and before long Trevor was pointing out to us the Common Spotted Orchid, the Pyramid Orchid, and the Bee Orchid.

We saw how vegetation had responded to the recent clearance of scrub.

If you missed the walk, don’t worry, we are sure to have another walk in the future. You can find out more about the flora and fauna of Bradgers Hill or the future events we have planned by clicking one of the links below.  

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