Bradgers Hill, Luton.
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Wildlife Weekend Photographic Competition 2016

Photographic Competition 2016

Our wildlife weekend saw us hold a photographic competition. Running over the course of the entire weekend, the task was simple, submit a photograph you had taken of some aspect of Bradgers Hill. It could be the wildlife, plants, trees, landscape or any other aspect of Bradgers Hill itself.

Fancy cameras were not required as most mobile telephones have an adequate camera to snap a quick picture.

The reward for these photographic endeavours was a £20 gift voucher for the photograph that our judge, in their opinion, felt best showed the flora, fauna, landscape or any other aspect of Bradgers Hill.

With that in mind we are pleased to announce our winner. Our award for the best photograph goes to Lauren Pearce for her photograph of a white Bluebell in the woods of Bradgers Hill. White Bluebells are not unheard of but are uncommon in wild populations. Our judge liked the photo because he felt it summed up what a special place Bradgers Hill is, where even the Bluebells can be white!

Congratulations to Lauren for her photo and for getting out there and enjoying the nature on our very doorstep.


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