Bradgers Hill, Luton.
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 Action called for!

Nuisance Bikes

You may have noticed the recurring problem of nuisance motorcycles on Bradgers Hill.

Generating lots of unpleasant noise, these motorcyclists can be seen riding along the tracks of Bradgers Hill at speed and across the adjacent fields. They destroy the tranquility of the hill’s environment and pose a clear danger to people walking on the hill.

As a group we are in the process of writing to the current Police and Crime Commissioner for Bedfordshire, Kathryn Holloway.

We will keep you updated with any results and monitor the situation. In the meantime, if you witness nuisance behaviour  involving the use of motorcycles on Bradgers Hill and the surrounding countryside, you should report it to Bedfordshire Police’s Operation Meteor.

Operation Meteor is Bedfordshire Police’s response to the reports of nuisance motorcycles, and the associated anti-social behaviour. The operation is designed to disrupt and dismantle offenders, using other areas of criminality that they are aware that they are involved in. Officers involved in Op Meteor work alongside partner agencies, and as a force are committed to taking positive robust action, arresting offenders and seizing bikes that they believe to be stolen.

To report nusiance motorcycles you can use Bedfordshire Police’s dedicated Operation Meteor email address below. Please include any information and photographs you may have.  If taking photographs, please be careful so as not to provoke any confrontation.