Bradgers Hill, Luton.
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A look at the Lynchets and the diverse flora on  Bradgers Hill.

Lynchet Walk with Trevor Tween 2017

Sunday 28th May 2017 saw Trevor Tween lead a walk around Bradgers Hill on a ‘Lynchets Walk.’

Lynchets are earth terraces found in the side of a hill, often in vertical rows. They are features of ancient farming field systems in the UK are are often referred to as ‘Strip Lynchets.’ The terraces increased the land available for agriculture are are often found near iron age forts and other earthworks.

Bradgers Hill has several of these Lynchets. Trevor guided a small group around the ancient monument of Bradgers Hill and surrounding countryside and spoke of the histor, flora and fauna.

The circular walk, set off from the roundabout at the junction of Bushmead Road and Fairford Avenue, Luton at 10am and took in the Lynchets,  the common and Hay Wood and returned via the sunken lane at Butterfield to complete the circuit.

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