Bradgers Hill, Luton.
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Membership is open to everyone. The only requirement is a passion for Bradgers Hill and it’s immediate surroundings!

You can purchase a full years “Full Member” membership below.

Simply make your online payment followed by completing the online membership form that will follow.

If you have any problems making your payment contact our treasurer who will be pleased to help.

Full Membership Application

Some group members on a "Dawn Chorus" walk.

Summary of Friends of Bradgers Hill Full Membership

Annual Fee (Apr 01 to Mar 31 - or part thereof)


Discounted Access to Group Public Events


Access to Group Member Only Events


Discounted Access to Member Only Events


Voting Rights


Right to stand for Committee Selection


Access to our online Members Area


Access to Group resources


Step 1: Make your payment using Paypal below and then complete the application form that you will be presented with.

Note: Payment is for Full Friend Membership of the current year. Membership in future years will require you to purchase each years membership on a year by year basis. Please note, there is a small handling charge of £0.80 when paying by Paypal to cover our processing fees. This means that the entirety of your membership fee can be used for our work to protect the environment.

Full Friend Annual Membership commencing April 1st to March 31st or part thereof of the year in which purchased. For example a membership purchased in February will cover February and March only of that year.

Full Friend Annual Membership