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Foraging Walk - A Sunday Success!

Sunday 25th September 2016

Future Events Wild Dessert Apples Trevor Tween guides the group in a "Foraging Walk" Rose Hips

Sunday 25th September 2016 saw our “Foraging Walk” take place. Meeting at eleven o’clock outside Bushmead Community Centre, Hancock Drive, Luton, expert Trevor Tween Led a group of 12 in and around Bradgers Hill. The weather was bright and sunny, with some cloud and despite the weather’s best attempt to rain, inclement weather held off.

Trevor imparted his fascinating knowledge of various plants and spoke at length on the history of some of the apple producers of yesteryear and the differing varieties. The hill is home to wild pear and apple trees and the group tried some of the latter with varying degrees of sweetness. Blackberries, Sloes and Rose hips were all on the menu as well as good advice on some of the plants to avoid. A plant identification guide could be seen being well thumbed in the hands of one of the younger group members as we walked along.

We didn’t see any fungi on our walk but better fungi conditions are expected later in the autumn. Who knows, we may have a fungi foraging walk at a later stage.

It was an enjoyable event for all those involved. Those that came prepared departed with containers filled with the efforts of their foraging.

The group’s thanks go to Trevor Tween for agreeing to lead the event.

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